It’s time for Domotics

Automation system of companies, hotels, offices or residences

PC Project is able to design and produce the automation system of companies, hotels, offices or residences, starting from the study of the functionality expected by the customer to the personalizing of the software.

To do so we rely on last generation application models able to unite Mechanics, Electronics and Computer Science in a single innovative result.

We are aware that in this age of excessive information it is important to instruct the user about the importance of domotics.

Wealth couldn’t exist without a correct knowledge of technological plant management. It’s time to change the old for the new. It’s time for every space to become our new house.

It’s time for Domotics.

Love of technology

We love to give things a form. We desire to make products that supply our customers with the best possible solutions. Compulsively attracted by technology, we like to blend it with good ideas, ideas that work and that can change our life.

We are sons and daughters of the third industrial revolution, the revolution where things are eco-sustainable, where less is more and where the quality of life has taken the place of years of useless abundance.

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