Quadri elettrici

Beauty is efficiency

A “beautiful” framework is rational, efficient and to achieve the objectives we go through a rigorous design, based on cutting-edge software, such as EPLAN, the use of equipment from leading manufacturers, manufacturers, references of the electrical market for decades and automation.

Method, precision, obsessive attention to detail, during assembly, wiring and testing, all this is the wealth of experience in PC Project.

Our electrical panels

We are talking about equipment with a central role in a distribution, electrical system, in the control and supervision of a production or process plant. Due to its strategic position, the framework must have many qualities that we are going to list below:

  • Simple and Safe
  • Reliable and robust
  • Efficient and rational
  • Suitable for installation conditions
  • Compliant with technical regulations and standards

PC Project firmly believes that an electrical panel must be beautiful, like a painting, design has made Italy famous in the world, it must not be forgotten in the industrial field.