History tells us who we are


PC Project è una società di engineering & construction, nata nel 1996. Initially specialized in designing electrical plants, in time it developed other skills thanks to its partners’ ability and strength.


Pc Project today has a team of professional experts, oriented towards problem solving and therefore able to offer the best solutions in the areas of engineering, construction, trial and test, electrical and mechanical plant management, automation and instrumentation.


We move forth into the future keeping alive the passion and dedication which have been the distinctive character of our growth throughout the years. Attention to safety, costs, efficiency and timing are the four points of our polar star. Besides the professional aspect, we strongly believe in the importance of the personal relationship with our customers, partners and suppliers: relationships based on transparency and on sustaining each other.

  • 1996

    PC Project is born

  • 2000

    First major projects Palazzo ABB Marco Polo Airport


  • 2002

    International companies work with us

  • 2004

    Waste-to-energy plants Cogeneration Trigeneration


  • 2006

    Among the first to use renewable energy

  • 2008

    Certifications ISO 9001SOA OG11


  • 2012

    We become part of GN Green Grid Net

  • 2014

    The Enginux brand and Concept Store for home automation and design is born in Milan


  • 2015

    Enginux / PC Project Basket Team is born

  • 2016

    Twentieth anniversary we are projected into the future


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