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Living better

We have in the DNA the vocation to appreciate design and in particular to the Swedish one guided to find the eternal balance between the idea of ​​too much and too little. We have collaborated closely with companies Bla Station, Zero Lighiting, Horreds, combining them with home automation or “building management system” to create a marriage between design and technology.

Helping to live better for PC Project has different meanings: Inspire the soul, make everyday gestures simple, safe, reduce energy expenditure, create a dynamic environment depending on the time, day, solar radiation, weather conditions and in the future of the mood of the people who live there.

We are present in Milan, in via Don Giuseppe Andreoli, 17, 20158 Milan – telephone 02-8945 4474, with the brand ENGINUX – Concept Store, ready to welcome customers to give life to their requests.

Enginux concept store