PC Project photovoltaic system for Cesana Brianza and Suello quarry

When sustainable development is not based on incentives but on passion.

We at PC Project are convinced that renewable energy and above all solar is an indispensable solution in light of the new leap forward in the cost of “past” sources.

Solar energy as a resource, which is why we are massively engaging in this project which aims to represent plastically, not only as a metaphor, a bridge between an archaic industrial culture and that of the present inextricably linked to the future of the environment and its sustainability.

The local press highlighted the recovery project of the former Alpetto quarry in Cesana Brianza and Suello. The project will stimulate the process of change towards a sustainable and clean economy after the mining activity ended in 2011 after sixty years from the opening.

PC project is engaged in the construction of a photovoltaic generator for renewable energy.

The plant, with a power of 8MW, would be able to power 2,500 families and will include a guided educational path for schools, the recovery of equipped green areas and will make integrated design a primary objective.

Cava Alpetto, inspection with the Region

The PC Project aims at an energy pole

The area, now owned by Holcim, is a candidate to produce electricity from renewable sources. The designer Tiziano Corti speaks: “The only knots to be solved are related to the acquisition»

It is the Pc Project of Merate that aims to transform the former Alpetto mine, on Mount Cornizzolo into an energy production pole – from photovoltaic panels: an inspection was carried out with the regional officials on the former Alpetto quarry, a candidate to become a pole for the production of electricity from renewable sources, ie photovoltaic panels.

«The outcome was favorable – the designer, the architect Tiziano Corti, reports -. On the part of our client, which is a leading private company with plants throughout Italy, the contract could already be signed. We are awaiting the decisions of the owner of the area, which is notoriously Holcim, present at the meeting with the Region, the Municipality and the head of the company that entrusted us with the task»

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Pc Project - impianto fotovoltaico Cava Alpetto

Integrated system in full respect of greenery and mountains

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